Tax Season

Hello Clients –

We hope everyone is having a great new year so far. Tax season is right around the corner and we are emailing you to lay out the logistics and process for return preparation this year.

Please review these important notes on tax season logistics:

  • We will have uploaded your Client Organizer to ShareFile by Monday, January 1st.

  • We do not upload organizers for corporate or partnership clients. We are either provided an accountants transfer file of the QB desktop file, already have access to QBO, or are provided records in Excel. Please see the Business Tax Season Preparation Questionnaire for more information on what records we need for corporate and partnership returns.

  • Information Deadlines:

    • The deadline for tax information for business tax returns is Thursday, February 1st.

    • The deadline for tax information for individual tax returns is Friday, March 1st.

      • We can accept K-1s after this date, but all other information must be received by this date. If K-1s are received after Friday, April 5th, we will have to file an extension.

  • If we receive your information after the above dates, we will have to file an extension and prepare your return in May, and we will be unable to prepare an extension payment estimation before the April deadline as well.

  • Once you have uploaded your tax documents (in PDF format) and the completed Client Organizer to the 2023 > Upload Here – 2023 Tax Documents folder ShareFile, you will complete our new Personal Tax Season Preparation Questionnaire, for individual returns, or Business Tax Season Preparation Questionnaire, for corporate & partnership returns, which will help ensure we receive all your information in one transmission.

  • Once the questionnaire is submitted, we will receive a confirmation email.

    • This is your indication that we can begin preparing your return, and we won’t begin our process until we receive this confirmation email.

  • In addition to the above links, there are also links to these questionnaires in the Client Center area of our homepage (Client Center link is on top left hand corner), along with links to access ShareFile, QBO, RunPayroll, and other helpful links to make estimated payments or check the status of your refunds.

Here is a concise summary of the tax season process:

  1. Gather tax documents.

  2. Complete Client Organizer.

  3. Upload Client Organizer and tax documents in PDF format to ShareFile by above deadlines.

  4. Complete Personal Tax Season Preparation Questionnaire or Business Tax Season Preparation Questionnaire.

  5. We prepare your return, and email you questions.

  6. When complete we upload your completed return & any payment vouchers to ShareFIle, and send you our wrap-up email with a summary of your return, advice for the coming year, and your filing & payment action items.

  7. You can then set up a call or meeting to discuss your return if you’d like to.

  8. We send you the e-file authorization forms to e-sign, and once returned we e-file your return.

  9. You receive confirmation emails from the taxing agencies when your returns are accepted. At this point the process is complete.